Sani-Check BC Test Kit: Dipslide for Detecting Bacteria and Coliforms

The Sani-Check BC Test Kit makes the determination of total bacteria counts and total coliform counts fast and simple.  Each side of the dipslide is coated with a different growth medium.  One side of the paddle is selective specifically for coliforms and the other side is selective for bacteria.  The dipslide is dipped into the test fluid, returned to the vial, and incubated at the appropriate time and temperature.  Bacterial growth will be in the form of colonies on the surface of the agar.  Each side of the paddle is compared to an interpretation chart in order to obtain semi-quantitative test results.

Technical service related to the use of the Sani-Check BC Test Kit is provided free of charge.  Biosan Laboratories is staffed with experienced microbiologists who are available to assist with interpretation as well as offer additional lab services if needed.

acid bacteria kit

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