Sani-Check Incubator

dip slide incubatorSani-Check Incubator (230V)
The Sani-Check Incubator is a desk-top instrument which is specifically designed for small-scale incubation needs such as the Sani-Check B and BF dipslides, the Sani-Check AB and YM test strips, and the Sani-Check SRB tubes. The dimensions of the incubator are 7 ¾ in. wide x 6 in. height x 7 ½ in. depth. Although the Sani-Check incubator is pre-set at 37°C, it a temperature range of 31 to 40°C. The incubator will easily hold 12 Sani-Check dipslides, 25 Sani-Check SRB tubes, or over 100 Sani-Check AB or YM test strips. The incubator has a Plexiglas door for easy viewing of contents and a digitemp thermometer which is attached to the interior floor.

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