Sani-Check AB: Test Kit for Detecting Aerobic Bacteria

The growth of bacteria in the industrial environment can often lead to serious economic consequences. Elevated bacterial populations in aqueous systems such as cooling bacteria test kitwaters, metalworking fluids, and hydrocarbon fuels are responsible for extensive losses in productivity. Problems related to high levels of bacteria in these liquids include corrosion, slime formation, foul odors, and general decreases in fluid function. Effective biocide treatment is possible only if the degree of of bacterial contamination is routinely determined through the use of a bacteria testing kit.  The Sani-Check AB Bacteria Test Kits makes it fast and easy to monitor aerobic bacterial count.

The Sani-Check AB Bacteria Test Kits contain flexible plastic strips to which nutrient-containing filter paper is attached. Each test kit is complete and ready to use. No special equipment or training is required. In addition to testing liquids, the Sani-Check AB Bacteria Test Kit is suitable for checking the sanitary quality of hard surfaces, particularly in the food processing industry. The flexibility of the strip makes it ideal for sampling hard to reach areas.

Aerobic bacteria are those organisms which require oxygen and the Sani-Check AB Test Kit will support the growth of these microorganisms. Most bacteria that contaminate the industrial environment are in this category and will grow on Sani-Check AB test strips. bacteria test stripExamples of these are included in the genera of Psuedomonas, Enterobacter, Escherichia, Klebsiella, Flavobacterium, and Alcaligenes, to name a few.

Aerobic bacteria possess the ability to form red spots on the Sani-Check AB test strip. The number of spots along with the degree of background reddening can be used to derive a quantitative measurement of microbial growth. Following incubation, the strip is compared to a color chart on the label. The value obtained from the chart allows for an estimated bacterial count to be made. Sani-Check AB Bacteria Test Kit is a dehydrated product which requires no refrigeration and has a room temperature shelf life of two years.

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