Sani-Check APB: Acid Producing Bacteria Test Kit

acid producing bacteria test kitAcid-Producing Bacteria (APB) can contribute to microbiologically-induced corrosion (MIC) in a variety of environments including oil and gas production, processing, and storage. APB growth and activity can be responsible for the corrosion of metals. It is essential that these microorganisms be monitored and controlled to prevent the damage caused by their metabolic activities.

The Sani-Check APB Test Kit is a simple and rapid test for the detection and enumeration of APB with results in 24 hours when strong acid producers are present. This semi-quantitative system contains tubes of culture media specifically formulated to promote the growth of acid producing bacteria.

One culture tube equals one test and no syringes are needed. The unique sample applicator acid producing bacteria testallows for the evaluation of both liquids and surfaces.

The designation APB stands for Acid Producing Bacteria. When acid is liberated, it reacts with the tubed culture medium and changes the color from red to yellow. The length of time it takes to change color (1-5 days) allows for an estimated count of acid producing bacteria to be made.

acid bacteria kitDetailed instructions describing the quantitative interpretations are included with each test kit.

acid bacteria kit

acid bacteria kit

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